Applied Artificial Intelligence

We help industry leading companies create custom AI solutions, based on a unique blend of research and engineering capabilities.

loan default prediction

We developed a model of default based on a lending club dataset in 5 steps, from the cleaning stage up until result improving methods such as random forest and boosting. Furthermore, we maximized the profit of the newly created portfolio by optimizing the cut-off probabilities and marginal profit change compared to the original portfolio.

retail automation

Using deep learning, we trained an algorithm to detect and recognize all products in the supermarket aisles. As such, our product was able to detect missing products and alarm employees, creating an increased revenue up to 1%.

mobile AI

The Xmartlabs team created and maintains Bender, an open source ML framework optimized for iOS devices. Bender leverages the device GPU to deliver real-time performance. It also provides the flexibility and ease of use of modern ML frameworks and supports Tensorflow, Keras, and Caffe models.

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Predictive models
Data pipelines
Computer vision
GPU programming
On-device ML
Training , monitoring, deployment

Xmartlabs integrated service

By working alongside Xmartlabs product engineering team, we can provide end-to-end solutions involving UX/UI design, web, mobile and AR development.

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