Improve your business with Automated Operations.

Web and mobile tools for managing daily operations like scheduling, communications, and feedback.


Franklin is a platform for managing businesses' daily operations. Its robust web app offers new data, deep insights and control over global operations. The mobile applications allow managers and employees to manage shifts and communicate with ease.


New York City, NY


6 months


iOS Development,
Android Development,
Web Development,
Technical Assistance,
UI & Ux Design

The challenge

Franklin team of serial entrepreneurs reached out to us when they were looking for a development partner. They wanted to partner with someone specialized in mobile app design and engineering that could work at a sustainable fast pace and produce high-quality deliverables.

Franklin was conceived as an app that helps managers manage their employees' shift-based schedules. Performance and usability became our top priorities instantly, in order to provide the users a fluid and functional experience.

Managers wanted to manage their employees' shifts from a calendar-like interface, while the employees themselves had to be able to quickly access their schedules for a given week, manage their time off, cancel an assigned shift, or swap with a co-worker.

Handling manager-employee contact through an efficient and intuitive chat inside the app was also one of our goals.

“Performance was vital to us, so we designed the app very carefully to have it up and running in no time in a wide variety of devices.”

Matías - Xmartlabs' Android Developer

The solution

We were in charge of the design and development of native mobile apps for Android and iOS. By working in short development cycles and collaborating closely with the customer, we were able to iterate on the product feature set and value proposition based on real feedback from users.

While implementing Franklin on both Android and iOS platforms, we used specific components for each, while keeping a unified look and feel throughout.

Custom calendar. Franklin relies on a calendar, that had to be made using non-native components. This means the team had to design and implement custom components to ensure a seamless Android and iOS experience for the end user. 

Messaging. We integrated and customized the Twilio Messaging SDK, which allows you to embed a fully-featured chat component. 

Performance wise, the app had to withstand the stress of a large amount of views rendered simultaneously, which proved indeed a challenge, since the team had to re-implement some libraries to satisfy the performance standards required by the client and the team itself.

"You have been incredible partners for us. Xmartlabs engineering capabilities and end-to-end approach are second to none, and allowed us to move at 100 mph with great confidence. I wish we can continue working together!"


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