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Custom ML solutions to
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Automate processes, optimize tasks, predict events, and accelerate your company on the market by leveraging our ML experience.

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Tap into our MLOps expertise and best practices to elevate your project. Our team will partner with you to seamlessly navigate each phase of your ML journey, ensuring efficient and scalable solutions.

End-to-end ML development

From understanding your problems and goals to analyzing and discovering valuable data to transform and model data ready to use in machine learning solutions. Get custom ML solutions deployed on your platform.

Prototype AI solutions

Check product feasibility through a PoC before building. ML models emerge and improve daily, new frameworks appear, and processing capabilities grow constantly. This means endless new opportunities to take advantage of.

Partner up with your team

Run deep learning solutions directly on edge devices. Take advantage of the low latency, privacy, and security, and save costs with Edge AI solutions. Leverage our experience dealing with limited computing power and our industry-validated R&D work in the field.

Deep learning solutions for Edge devices

Run deep learning solutions directly on devices. Take advantage of the low latency, scalability, privacy, and security, and save costs with Edge AI solutions. Leverage our experience dealing with limited computing power and our industry-validated R&D work in the field.

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Apr. May 2020

Machine Learning Dev for Wine Cellar Management System

Xmartlabs provided development services to improve the performance of machine learning models for a wine cellar management system. They tested approaches, schemes, and models using libraries and PyTorch.

Xmartlabs produced excellent deliverables that satisfied the expectations of internal stakeholders. Their organization and communicativeness facilitated seamless and transparent collaboration. A team of experts, they completed tasks efficiently to deliver results within a short timeframe.

Mehdi Mohseni

CEO, CellarEye

Computer Vision

State-of-the-art deep learning models to gather meaningful insights from images and videos through object classification, body pose detection, object tracking, segmentation, and more!


Recommendation engines

Boost revenue, customer loyalty and improve user experience by automatically generating customized personal recommendations.


Natural Language and Audio Processing

Automating interpretation and structuring text and human voice communications.


Edge AI

Leverage ML intelligence by running AI-powered solutions directly on Edge devices. Get the security, scalability, latency, and real-time processing capability only provided by Edge AI.

Why Us?
The Lean Way

Innovative companies have to get results faster. Our MLOps professionals follow agile principles and a lean startup approach to reduce time to value, achieving competitive advantage through AI sooner.

Proven multidisciplinary team

Multiple specialists build Production-ready AI-powered solutions. Product manager, data science and data, ML, and MLOps engineers work together to produce an ML solution. We have the expertise and top talent in each area involved.

Edge Al pioneers

We push the technology limits and build our Deep Learning framework for iOS, which significantly outperforms TFLite and CoreML. Learn more about the Bender framework and how you can get an insane performance using it.

Community and OSS advocate

We invest in contributing and sharing our R&D with the OSS community constantly. We are proud of the community's impact and give back as much as we consume. Check out our OSS and community impact here.

End-to-end ML development

There're agencies that design and train ML models, agencies that make data ML ready and available on time, and agencies that deploy and optimize solutions. Xmartlabs covers them all, from Strategy to execution and beyond. We go beyond being an agency and become true partners like Xmartlabs.