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Secure identification everywhere you go

When faced with the need to build the app that would manage millions of users personal ids, Xmartlabs was the mobile expert they needed.

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Reinventing patient-centered care in hospitals

The award winning suite that’s changing hospitals. From nurse managing patients rounds to executives turning real-time data into decisions.

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The #1 rated ePOS solution in Hospitality

Nobly is building a next-generation iPad POS. Its intuitive interface and powerful reporting is helping small businesses in the UK grow faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

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Serverless database from the team that scaled Twitter

FaunaDB is built from the ground up to scale digital business without compromising productivity or agility. We helped it become a first-class citizen in the Swift ecosystem.

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The Business Network fueled by artificial intelligence

Lynkos B2B network helps companies find business opportunities by connecting them to potential customers and suppliers.

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Improve your business with Automated Operations.

Web and mobile tools for managing daily operations like scheduling, communications, and feedback.

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The complete mortgage experience.

A two-sided marketplace that connects home buyers with local loan officers, streamlining the pre-qualification process.

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