Reinventing shopping in fashion industry

Reinventing shopping in fashion industry

About Window

Window is the e-commerce platform that delivers a painless fashion shopping experience. It provides a curation of the best results filtered by the end-user fashion preference, such as size, style, and budget.

Users no longer need to repeatedly search in several stores since Window scans fashion sites, resulting in a speeding up overall purchase process and a remarkable transformation in the end-user experience. No more repeated filtering and searching. Fast shopping visiting just one site.


Fractional CTO & Technical advice

Strategy Roadmapping

UI & UX design

Backend Development

Frontend Development

Project Management


4 months




Third party scrapper APIs

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The Challenge

Having a validated concept and a business plan to support it, Oladoyin reached out to us to turn Window's landing page into a fully functional Minimal Valuable Product (MVP) that could be put in the hands of real customers and investors.

As a solo entrepreneur with a background in Arts & Economics, Oladoyin was looking for a technical partner capable of designing, building, and launching her startup idea but also giving the necessary advice to make the right technical decisions.

Oladoyin wanted to move fast and aggressively, with less than four months to launch a whole new user experience that considers major user flows along with a full rebranding.

"They were very kind and professional, a pleasure to work with. I felt like they were a part of my FT team. The de-stressed and de-risked a lot of the process for me."

Oladoyin Oladapo - Founder at Window

The solution

We kicked off the project by understanding the product strategy and reviewing design assets. Considering all the work Oladoyin had done before, we set up a feasible plan leveraging her progress, especially on the business and product validation side.

Scanning fashion sites was a core part of the platform since we need to keep updating available products, prices, and stock. Having such an aggressive roadmap, we proposed integrating a third-party scrapper to speed up the product development. Through a thorough screening process, we evaluated several providers and gave all the technical advice to the founder to choose the one that fits better the product and business needs.

Being aesthetics the flagship of the fashion industry, we took special care about product UI/UX by always keeping an eye towards producing a great user experience while reducing online shopping time. We worked incrementally with Oladoyin, refining the UI/UX, having all her experience in the fashion purchase process, customer experience, and industry. We used collaboration tools like Figma and Miro to constantly refine concepts and meet face to face once a week to review the progress and make some minimal adjustments.

We also worked alongside Oladoyin to create a feasible roadmap for upcoming versions and show the product development team in pitch decks presentations to investors.

The result

We ended up successfully launching on time and, according to plan, the MVP, putting it in front of users and potential investors.

Our multi-functional team closely collaborated with Ola navigating every MVP building challenge and providing strategic advice in major product development areas as well as producing creative ideas to evolve the product.

Having in mind the upcoming versions, we designed and implemented the foundation infrastructure and code that will allow the product to quickly expand by incorporating new fashion sites and adding new functionalities to make the fashion shopping experience even better.

Now, Window has the strategic digital partner to navigates upcoming startup stages and overcome any challenges faced!

"In terms of features, design, and overall functionality, this current Window product is lightyears ahead of my very first MVP that I showed investors-- few features, barebones, scraped together with dummy data. Finally, I'll emphasize that I have no qualms or complaints with Xmart Labs and I'm truly satisfied with all the work you've done thus far."
Oladoyin Oladapo