Reinventing Fashion Shopping

About Window

Window it's a shift in how we shop for fashion items. Gone are the days of endless scrolling across various stores. Its ingenious solution eliminates the need for repeated filtering and browsing.

As a customized search and discovery engine for faster and easier apparel shopping online; a mobile/web tool that uses automation and personalization technology, Window scans your apparel websites for you, on-demand, and generate a prime curation by using your size, style, budget, and more as key filters.


Fractional CTO & Technical advice

Strategy Roadmapping

UI & UX design

Backend Development

Frontend Development

Project Management


4 months




Third party scrapper APIs

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The Challenge: From Vision to Reality

Imagine having a groundbreaking concept and a robust business plan, but lacking the technical expertise to bring it to life. This was the dilemma faced by Oladoyin, the visionary founder of Window.

Seeking a partner who could bridge the gap between concept and execution, Oladoyin turned to us. As a solo entrepreneur with a background in Arts & Economics, she needed a technical collaborator capable of not only translating her idea into reality but also offering invaluable guidance in making critical technical decisions. Moreover, the urgency was palpable, with less than four months to overhaul the user experience and rebrand the platform.

"They were very kind and professional, a pleasure to work with. I felt like they were a part of my FT team. The de-stressed and de-risked a lot of the process for me."

Oladoyin Oladapo - Founder at Window

A Journey to Success

Our journey with Oladoyin began with a deep dive into her product strategy and design assets. Leveraging the groundwork she had already laid, we developed a strategic plan that capitalized on her progress, particularly in terms of business and product validation.

Central to Window's functionality was the scanning of fashion sites for product updates. To expedite this crucial process, we introduced the integration of a third-party scraper. Guiding Oladoyin through a meticulous evaluation of potential providers, we ensured the seamless alignment of technical capabilities with the product's unique needs.

Aesthetic excellence is paramount in fashion, so we meticulously crafted the product's UI/UX. Collaborating closely with Oladoyin, we refined the interface iteratively, drawing upon her extensive expertise in fashion purchasing and customer experience. Our tools of choice – Figma and Miro – facilitated continuous refinement, supplemented by weekly face-to-face meetings to assess progress and implement subtle enhancements.

We also worked alongside Oladoyin to create a feasible roadmap for upcoming versions, allowing her to show the product development team in pitch deck presentations to investors.

Triumph: A Thriving MVP

The culmination of our collaborative efforts was the successful, timely launch of the MVP. Window was successfully unveiled to users and potential investors. Our multidisciplinary team supported Oladoyin throughout the journey, steering through challenges and offering strategic insights across various facets of product development. From refining existing features to conceiving new ideas, we were there every step of the way.

As Window prepares for its next chapters, our groundwork includes a robust foundation infrastructure and agile codebase. This forward-looking architecture sets the stage for swift expansion, enabling the seamless addition of new fashion sites and exciting functionalities. With Window's digital journey now firmly anchored, its upcoming stages will be navigated confidently.

"In terms of features, design, and overall functionality, this current Window product is lightyears ahead of my very first MVP that I showed investors-- few features, barebones, scraped together with dummy data. Finally, I'll emphasize that I have no qualms or complaints with Xmart Labs and I'm truly satisfied with all the work you've done thus far."
Oladoyin Oladapo