Keeping your memories alive

Bring your most memorable moments to life in seconds by ordering your photo album from the Albumii app

Albumii provides customers with a mobile and desktop app where they can materialize their photos by creating, designing, and ordering photo albums, wall art, table decor, and other printed formats. 

We’ve been working together since 2018 when they reached out looking for a technology partner. They needed someone to provide creative UX solutions while understanding their business, its users, and operations. Initially, the priority was to redesign the brand and create a totally new, user-friendly UX UI.

We kicked off the project by reviewing their iOS and Android apps to uncover opportunities to enhance user experience. We went through all end-user main app flows such as onboarding, album creation, ordering and check out. Because the app was already live and working, we had to gradually add the improvements while ensuring backward compatibility.

We also audited the platform architecture and back office, figuring out ways to improve platform robustness while reducing infrastructure cost. Our team got into the workflow of all the steps that an order goes through, and how the Albumii team handles each one. We optimized team efficiency providing the right information at every status of the order and triggering the proper actions to speed up album processing, handling, and delivery time.


Product Management

UX/UI design

Full-stack development

Mobile development

Quality Assurance

Optimization audit


+3 years, ongoing




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The Albumii platform

What you see is what you get

We provided a fresh and intuitive album editor where users could fully customize their album's layouts, add creative stickers, or change the background color. To achieve that, we designed and implemented custom views and polished every user interaction and app flow to make album creation easier than ever – even for first-time users. The latter is the key user feature, where they can preview their album before sending it to print.

Photobook Autofill Algorithm

We simplified album creation by providing a wonderful photo book by default.  We used a sophisticated algorithm by combining face recognition techniques with photo metadata (resolution, creation time, orientation, etc) to automatically suggest the optimal layout for the users’ photos, always providing full control over customizations. Our team analyzed several photo scenarios - weddings, parties, trips, etc. – from different sources with different metadata and blended everything to let the model create the best possible photobook.

Limitless album creation. Offline Support

We designed a solution that doesn't require a network connection to create and design albums. This was done by saving data locally, moving algorithms from server to device, and using techniques to efficiently transfer data and optimize data usage. We enabled users to upload their albums whenever the connection resumes and it's reliable, without losing all the design and work they’ve done. If the connection is lost during album uploading, we recover it (resume their session) from that point optimizing transfer data and overall time to create and order albums.

Product Decisions

Based on analytics, reviews, and tests, we helped Albumii to enhance its product and improve its features, processes, and overall user and admin experience.

Kotline Native Implementation

We created a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) module, a new cross-platform technology that provides an easy way to iterate and innovate our algorithm without any extra effort or putting stress into the system. All functionality and code involved in the default album creation were moved to these shared components that evolve at the same time, minimizing issues and ensuring consistency.

From day one, Albumii has trusted our product development expertise and gave Xmartlabs the "green light" to make suggestions on prioritizing functionalities and applying product ideas. We moved fast and lean and delivered a product that mitigates major pain points. We ran 2-week agile development sprint cycles, where our design specialists and engineers collaborated to release the most valuable functionalities that the CTO (aided by our product manager) discovered and prioritized.

They’re very capable of understanding the task and asking any questions if anything is unclear during the process. They work autonomously and deliver right to the point.
Rami Emera