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CipherHealth is a healthcare solutions company located in NYC, committed to increase efficiency and value in the healthcare system.

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New York City, NY


Zachary Silverzweig,
Alex Hejnosz,
Randy Cheung


2 years


iOS Development, Web Development, Technical Assistance

The challenge

Our collaboration efforts with CipherHealth started with the development of their first product named Voice, that helped reduce patient readmissions by performing outreach follow up calls after the patient leaves the hospital.

Starting with a market need detected by CipherHealth's team, we went through an agile inception process and created a mobile rounding solution that a few months later became Orchid, Cipherhealth's all time best-selling product.

Based on past successes, we helped them launch a suite of deeply integrated web and mobile products (Echo, View) while growing the existing ones to their full potential.

One of the key challenges we faced was complying with the privacy and security standards required in the healthcare industry, while also developing intuituve, robust and performant products prepared for daily use under any circumstance within the hospital.

As the solutions were adopted in multiple hospitals, we went through some typical growing challenges including: providing additional customization capabilities to address more use cases, scaling the infrastructure to support millions of patients, refactoring the code base to keep technical debt manageable, knowledge transfer within the team and onboarding of new team members.

“We had to build an encription layer over the OS even before Apple provided native device encription.”

Enrique - Xmartlabs' iOS Developer

The solution

Xmartlabs became a technical partner for the development of the mobile solutions and provided the expertise needed to go throughout the different stages of the product lifecycle, from proof of concept to fully-fledged products.

We worked alongside Cipherhealth distributed engineering team and followed an agile development process, including pair programming sessions focused on knowledge transfer and mentoring.

The workflow included automated tests and a PR-based code review process, which proved critical to deliver high-quality products, easy to maintain and extend.

Standards compliance. The platform complies with the highest privacy and security standards required by HIPAA.

Offline support. The mobile products offer a seamless offline experience, considering that internet access in hospitals can be limited or unstable.

Automation and reporting. Complex workflows can be defined, re-used and improved taking advantage of a workflow engine with advanced alert and reporting features. 

Outreach calls and SMS. We leveraged a 3rd party platform to make automated phone calls and send SMS to patients after they leave the hospital. 

Audio. One of the products (Echo) made extensive use of audio, so we implemented a comprehensive audio recording, storage and retrieval solution.

"Xmartlabs is hands-down one of the best development teams I've worked with. They were able to hit every deadline consistently, delivering slick and well thought features. Will recommend without reservation."


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