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Nobly is building a next-generation iPad POS. Its intuitive interface and powerful reporting is helping small businesses in the UK grow faster and easier than they ever thought possible.


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The challenge

Nobly created a working MVP which showed promising traction in the market but required specialized design and engineering capabilities in order to address some key challenges and take it to the next level.

The first one was the integration of different payment processors and hardware devices, in order to consolidate its presence in Europe and also kick-start its expansion to the United States through strategic partners.

Also, the product initially lacked the robustness and performance required to support strong growth. And there were many improvements and new features in the backlog but the product was hard to maintain and extend.

The solution

We got on board and started working on a complete revamp of the technical architecture to improve performance and maintainability.

At the same time, we started another track to integrate payment processors and hardware devices including printers, barcode scanners and credit card readers.

We went on to provide on going technical support to sustent a growing user base and started working on features focused on offering a delightful UX for both retail staff and customers.

Among those, we can mention: full offline support, split bills, customer tracking and loyalty rewards and the ability to park bills.

A reliable product


The strong traction in the market, slick product and compelling vision helped Nobly secure a series A investment round. At that point the team at Nobly felt it was time to transition into an internal team. We carried out pairing sessions to onboard a new lead developer who was able to continue working on top of a solid technical foundation.

“Building the hardware integrations was great fun but it required thorough analysis to ensure we met the highest quality standards.”

Miguel - Xmartlabs' Lead iOS Developer


"Working with Xmartlabs was a great experience. We engaged them to help with complex and highly specialized engineering problems and they did a fantastic job. The on-boarding process was painless and the results we achieved were impressive."
Royce Fullerton