Transforming Clinical Trials with AI-Driven Platform

Omniscia Health's AI-powered platform revolutionizes patient enrollment in clinical trials. Through our collaboration, we've elevated patient recruitment, fortified data security, and provided unwavering support, nurturing an enduring partnership


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About Omniscia

Clinical trials are key to developing more innovative, accessible, and effective drugs and treatments, but many of them sink before they even sail.

This is mainly due to the number, quality, and engagement of the patients enrolled. Omniscia Health set out to become a part of the solution through an AI-driven platform that improves patient recruitment and engagement throughout clinical trials.

Their Challenges

The organization experienced issues with their existing database's adaptability, capacity, and flexibility. Their requirements included:

  • Versatile Data Management: A database that could handle extra data while maintaining accuracy and quality.
  • Effortless Data Export: The ability to smoothly extract data and generate CSV format reports.
  • Robust Patient Data Security: Ensuring the safety of sensitive patient data.
  • Role-based Access: Implementing different levels of data access based on user roles, such as patients or doctors.
  • Enhanced Patient Support: Providing comprehensive assistance to trial patients, particularly in completing assessment questionnaires.

Our Solution

After an initial assessment, we advised the client not only to migrate the database itself but also to revamp their backend's infrastructure.

For the database, we migrated it from DynamoDB to MongoDB, which enables more dynamism, fewer restrictions, and supports more volume of data.

  • Enhanced Security: We've added extra protection by encrypting sensitive data in the database using MongoDB's client-side field-level encryption feature. Amazon's KMS manages encryption keys, adding an additional security layer for both stored and in-memory data.
  • Flexibility: Being a NoSQL database that offers the freedom to define a certain structure, ensuring the quality of the stored data. Simultaneously, it allows you to add any additional data in JSON format. This flexibility enables the frontend to evolve (for example, by adding new fields like ‘eye color’) without the need for changes in the backend.

We transitioned the backend to FastAPI, enhancing its scalability and sustainability while simplifying maintenance. This new structure empowers the tech team to conduct risk-free code testing and minimizes the potential for errors to carry over into the demo and production stages.

The Results

We've successfully transitioned to a functional and scalable Backend, enabling testing without impacting the production environment. Alongside this, we've established a dynamic database with a role and permission system, facilitating organization creation and data access.

Our commitment to timeliness, sprint flexibility, and transparent project management during the initial project garnered high praise from our customer. This trust in our capabilities extended into a continued partnership, leading to a subsequent engagement in 2022. This collaborative effort involved the development of a COVID-19 vaccine information-gathering website, showcasing our ongoing commitment to impactful projects.

"We're impressed with their ability to bring in the right talent and culture matches to help us accomplish our tasks. Working with a team remotely can be very difficult but we have had great success with Xmartlabs."
Aaron Krogh
Fullstack Engineer