The most engaging digital solution for substance use disorder

WEConnect is a Seattle-based startup that helps addiction recovery centers to efficiently support their patient's recovery through modern technology.

Our collaboration started after WEConnect raised series A funding by solving a complex technical challenge they were facing: doing automatic check-ins using Geofencing technology. We then became an integral part of their engineering team in charge of the end-to-end implementation of new features, and providing ongoing support throughout their product and team's growth phase.


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Improving outcomes for patients and care providers

WEConnect motivation is bringing back a healthy lifestyle to patients and alumni by mitigating their relapse risk after leaving their clinical treatment.

By using WeConnect, Health Centers are able to set up recovery plans, stay connected, and keep track of the patient's recovery progress through a HIPAA compliant software solution.

WEConnect keeps patients in recovery accountable to their care plan through its mobile app. The platform rewards users that adhere to their treatment plan, helping them build healthy habits like attending community support sessions or yoga classes.

Helping patients adopt healthy habits requires a deep understanding of the user and their journey, designing a seamless onboarding, and encouraging frequent usage through unobtrusive notifications. Our experience working in consumer products proved valuable to develop an intuitive user experience with a strong focus on usability and engagement. We use data analytics technologies that register and aggregate anonymized data points across the app, to enable data-driven decisions that optimize clinical results.

HIPAA-compliant Messaging

WEConnect allows the patient and the clinic specialists to stay connected through its in-app messaging functionality. At any time, the patient or the doctor can start a conversation with each other to provide direct and fast assistance.

We leveraged Sendbird SaaS messaging solution to implement the in-app messaging functionality which conforms to HIPAA regulations.

Auto check-ins using Geofencing

Knowing if the patient follows the rehab plan is crucial to provide support and take corrective actions on-time. We make use of Geofencing techniques to verify compliance with their support treatment routine.

We ran into many challenges that we had to overcome in order to optimize the device battery usage, make the auto check-ins reliable and accurate across every iOS and Android device.

Treatment adherence rewards

WEConnect encourages patient adherence to its recovery plan through rewards, Amazon gift cards are given to patients that complete routines.

Check recovery plan progress

At any time patients can check their recovery status, what was completed, and what is the plan for the following days.

Analytics and insights of patient treatment progress

Care teams can prioritize patient care at a glance. All patient treatment activity with its corresponding GPS verification can be reviewed in the WeConnect data dashboard.

Specialists can assist and support patients based on their risk level through HIPAA compliant communication.

Accelerating the product engine

After reaching product-market fit and raising a Series A funding round, WEConnect was looking to boost their engineering capabilities to take their solution to the next level.

Our shared approach to create digital products has been successful to enable us to move fast and deliver reliably, onboard new team members and scale the platform to support new clients and users.

"It has been pleasure working with Xmart labs. The Xmart team has worked hand-in-hand alongside our in-house engineers as true embedded collaborators, and they have been a great contributor to the success of WEconnect."
Paul Campbell