Saving Sales: How Optimizing A Website Boosted User Retention

“Your website is your 24/7 salesperson.” This is true for all businesses and industries nowadays, but some of them, like Colorado-based law firm Robinson & Henry, are living proof.

Having a slow and underperforming website is like having a lousy salesman, especially when about 90% of your clients come from the web. You can see why our clients were keen on revamping their site and transforming it into a fast, user-friendly site that could take full advantage of all the content generated to attract and capture new business opportunities through outstanding SEO.

One of our client's main assets is the content-rich website that enables users to access informative blog posts, filter them by Practice Area and Legal Topic, as well as browse through a roster of skilled attorneys specializing in Business Rep, Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Criminal Defense, and more.


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The Problem

Our client faced a significant challenge with their website's outdated legacy system. Hosted on WordPress, the site struggled with slow loading times and poor content display, which negatively impacted its SEO ranking. In addition, the site's scalability posed a challenge, making it difficult to hire developers with the necessary WordPress and PHP expertise.

They recognized the limitations of their WordPress website and approached us, intending to transform their site using Gatsby.js.

"Xmartlabs is highly skilled, professional, and committed to delivering quality results. Their approachable and friendly demeanor made development stress-free. I recommend them without hesitation."
Bill Henry

The Solution

As a modern and highly scalable technology, Gatsby.js offered the perfect solution to improve the site's performance and evolve it for the future. Additionally, any CMS you connect it with will make it easy for non-technical staff to edit content, giving our client the flexibility they needed to keep their site up to date with ease.

Our team migrated the front end from WordPress to Gatsby while retaining the back end on WordPress. This meant using the WordPress API to feed the new site with content.

We worked on improving the website's lighthouse metrics (used to measure a web's performance) by enhancing its SEO, performance, accessibility, and security, using Gatsby's built-in features and various add-ons. We also leveraged Gatsby Cloud to facilitate easy content deployment and previewing.


Our team completed a seamless migration of over 600 posts and 5,000 pages in just a few weeks, ensuring that all content was preserved without any loss. In addition, we implemented custom JSON-LD Schemas to improve the website's SEO and boosted its performance.

As a result of our work, the website became much faster and more responsive. In just a month, the bounce rate decreased by 50%, and the number of users increased by 26%. These impressive results were also reflected in the website's lighthouse metrics, demonstrating the effectiveness of our optimization efforts.

While optimizing a website for performance may require an initial investment of time and resources, the long-term benefits can far outweigh any short-term costs. Despite the risks and economic burden that come with optimizing a website for performance, it's crucial for businesses to prioritize this aspect of their online presence to stay competitive and meet the expectations of modern consumers.

Moving Forward: Building a Strong Partnership

After successfully completing the initial scope of the project, the client was impressed by the quality of our work and decided to expand the engagement to include additional features and smaller projects. One such project was the development of an "Alimony Calculator," which allows users to calculate the amount of alimony they may receive or owe based on their personal data.

We are thrilled to have earned the client's trust and are excited to continue building a strong partnership with them. Their decision to work with us in the long run is a testament to the quality of our work and the level of expertise and dedication our team brings to every project. We look forward to collaborating on future initiatives and helping the client achieve their business goals.