Driving a YouTuber's Audience to a Curated Platform

Teeth Talk Girl, a YouTube sensation with over 400,000 subscribers, partnered with Xmartlabs to revamp her dental education platform. Using GatsbyJS, the new site boasts improved mobile performance and search accuracy, resulting in a captivating and informative experience for users.


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The Problem

Meet Whitney DiFoggio, aka Teeth Talk Girl—an influential dental hygienist and YouTube creator. With a passion for educating the public about oral health, Whitney, a seasoned professional in the field, showcases her expertise through engaging videos that have established her as a trusted authority.

After establishing a successful YouTube channel, she created her own platform: teethtalkgirl.com. It's a personal brand, so providing a good browsing experience for a trusting audience is highly important. It's also key to have full control over what is published, how it looks, and what is done to the content.

With 80% of traffic coming from mobile users, slow loading times and inaccurate search functionality were hindering the user experience. Additionally, SEO improvement was crucial, but limitations with the current NodeJs setup posed challenges.

  • Scalability Challenge: The need to scale the website correctly was essential. They had a tool, but it didn't scale.
  • Transition to Strapi: They were using Strapi and wanted to continue, so the team's challenge was learning how to use it to support them. Being highly customizable, Strapi offered advantages over other CMS options.
  • Technical Knowledge Gap: There was little awareness of the technical infrastructure due to limited technical knowledge. It was all in Azure, Microsoft's cloud, so extensive research was conducted to understand their setup.

The Solution

Enter Xmartlabs: Transparent communication, a thorough discovery phase, and a technical proposal that spoke to the client's needs made them choose us as their technical partner.

The original Node-based site faced performance issues. The team upgraded it with GatsbyJS for an improved frontend and enhanced the Strapi backend, boosting scalability and client autonomy in content management. The frontend also received a design facelift, addressing specific issues.

  • Technical Guidance: The team provided constant technical advice on the setup they already had, guiding the non-technical client throughout the project.
  • Redesign and Feature Suggestions: The site was completely redone in Gatsby using the existing design while adding missing screens. Design-sensitive devs made adjustments and suggested new features as issues were detected while our design team created and added missing screens and adjusted user flow details.
  • Empowering Autonomy: The aim was to help them gain autonomy and not depend on a developer. A custom guide was created for them to learn how to create and customize elements in their website, reducing the need for new and expensive releases.

The Results

The transformation was profound. The new Teeth Talk Girl website improved mobile performance, introduced a tablet version, and addressed SEO challenges. Whitney's team achieved independence in content manipulation, leading to unanticipated features that enhanced user engagement. The project's tech lead noted "They gain a lot of independence and ownership in what they want to do and they don't need a developer on their side every time they want to change something.”

Teeth Talk Girl is now not just a website but a dynamic hub for oral health education. Xmartlabs not only met their technical needs but guided the client through the uncharted terrain of technical knowledge. Enabling not just to reach their audience, but empowering them with knowledge.