Revamping a Web Platform to Simplify Family Life

In the ever-evolving landscape of parenting, Upparent emerges as a beacon of support, leveraging the collective wisdom of caregivers to optimize family experiences. Balancing the limitless possibilities of children's activities with the constraints of time, money, and energy is no small feat. Upparent's web platform steps in, curating parent-certified recommendations that not only save resources but also guarantee the best and safest experiences for children.


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Challenges: Revamping the Web Platform

Their existing technology posed limitations that hindered platform scalability. To overcome this obstacle and create an enhanced user experience, we embarked on a migration journey from Elixir to Elixir Phoenix Live View.

Simultaneously, the client wanted to focus on refining design and functionality, transforming crucial elements into seamless and captivating features.

The Solution: Rebuild, Redesign, and Refine

To fulfill the client's tech requirements, our team embarked on an intensive yet successful training to gain expertise in the new technology. The migration process was complemented by a website redesign and the implementation of additional functionalities, resulting in a comprehensive transformation of their platform.

Building a New Infrastructure

Both the back-end and front-end of the platform were elevated, with a noteworthy focus on direct sourcing from the server, bypassing the need for APIs. This approach, while marginally affecting speed, streamlined maintenance efforts. Novel features were introduced, including the ability to review recommendations, gallery support for user-uploaded images, and enriched content navigation in the admin view.

Elevating User Engagement Through Design

Addressing the platform's content-rich nature posed a challenge for design, requiring an intricate balance between information display and SEO optimization. This led to the creation of a comprehensive design system, ensuring consistency across elements and boosting scalability while allowing for innovation.

The Design Process

The design's essence centered around instilling trust, fostering community, and evoking shared joy, all while delivering a seamless user experience. This objective was accomplished through meticulous attention to responsiveness, color harmony, and layout, all complemented by the cleverly curated content.

Beyond aesthetics, the objective was to present information so it was easy to understand and consume. The team succeeded in crafting a design that transformed nested content and cross-referenced lists into lucid and succinct displays, which beckon users to continue browsing.

We also enabled a new feature that allows users to upload their own pictures when doing their own recommendations. This enhancement reinforces the concept that this platform thrives on genuine suggestions from real individuals, united by their desire to enrich children's experiences. In doing so, they foster a collective spirit of assistance and improvement.

Cultivating a Thriving Community Hub

Upparent, a passion project initiated by three parents, has blossomed into a hub that transcends information curation. It thrives as a community where parents grappling with unique challenges converge, seeking guidance and camaraderie amidst the uncertain journey of parenthood.

Our team's dedication culminated in the creation of a polished and functional platform, that seamlessly presents an abundance of content through an intuitively user-friendly interface. This endeavor not only showcased our team's passion for innovation, design, and community development but it also affirmed our commitment to shaping meaningful digital experiences.

"Best I've ever encountered. Our project manager is incredibly capable, available, and conscientious. Everyone on the team is also quite available and approachable, so it is easy to reach out with questions, ideas, concerns, or anything. I feel that they are truly invested in providing an excellent service to their clients, and take the necessary steps to do so."
Alexandra Fung