Hiring that empowers workers' careers


Hiring that empowers workers' careers

Rethinking the hiring experience

Kobeyo is a 2+ years old startup based in Denver. Its platform aims to match job seekers with open positions based on skills, schedule and wage; radically transforming the hiring experience.

We helped the Kobeyo team to define, design, develop and lunch their platform, working in all product creation stages but also giving meaningful advice to refine and evolve the product strategy.


Product Strategy

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The right job, the right candidate

For job seekers, Kobeyo suggests open positions through real-time notifications that fit its needs such as salary, location, availability, role and expertise. There is no need to keep searching for the ideal job when we can receive relevant job opening alerts. This allows job seekers to passively search for matching open positions and increase the employee-employer interview to deal ratio.

Only the right talent to fullfill the position

Kobeyo allows employers to meet, interview and hire qualified candidates quickly. Do not spend time contacting and interviewing people that is not a fit for the role.  KOBEYO only connects employers to job seekers that have the skills, shift availability and wage requirements they’re looking for. Never again waste time and money using inefficient job boards!

AI powered matching

Job postings are suggested to the candidate according to a matching AI algorithm. We use ML techniques and mobile notifications to reach the potential candidate's devices.

The AI algorithm automates the matching process considering the candidate skillset, experience, schedule and desired wage range to suggest opening positions.

We had to get a deeper insight into the job boards space trying to learn which to know which rules apply best depending on the job seekers' and managers' needs.

Chatting platform

All communication between seekers and managers is through the app. We integrated and customized a chat platform that allows a fluid communication, and managing multiple conversations. Although job postings are only shown to potential candidates, an initial meet and conversation before the in-person interview helps to align expectations and saves considerable time.

Real-time updates

A key aspect in the app, especially for job seekers, is the ability to passively and effortlessly get the right job. To accomplish this we minimized the app user interaction on the lookup for new job opening positions, and we notify them whenever needed. Users no longer need to keep checking and searching in a job board for new job opportunities.  In-app messages, new and expired opportunities, and many other events are real-time delivered to users so they are aware at the right time.

The future of Kobeyo

In the beginning, the app focused on the food service industry. But we always kept in mind that the app had the potential to provide value in many industries so we implemented a flexible architecture introduce support to other industries.

Despite we need some iterations to rethink and review the app UI and UX for the new industries, we just needed to make minor changes in the app logic, services, and database architecture. We end up shipping the updated product before the deadline and sooner that we expected.

My product wouldn’t be where it is without Xmartlabs. They have the expertise to actually bring my idea to life. I'm not a technical expert, so they explain everything to me and really guide me through the more complex parts.
Bryant Dulin