Xmartlabs' Team Works On Precision Oncology Project for a $3 Billion Industry Leader

In collaboration with a leading force in the healthtech industry and a pioneer in precision oncology, our team delivered cutting-edge software solutions for both a web portal and a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).





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Client Introduction

Our client, a healthtech giant valued at nearly $3 billion, is dedicated to reshaping cancer diagnosis and treatment by analyzing genomic data in blood and tissue tests. Originating with a mission to find optimal treatments for specific cancers and improve life expectancy for terminal patients, they have since expanded their focus to include early-stage patients.

The Challenges

The client's solution involved basically two critical systems:

  • A web portal that displayed patient information and test results to healthcare professionals.
  • A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that managed the entire life cycle of tests.

Because they relied entirely on the proper functioning of the tech, they needed a team of developers capable of properly handling their platform and information systems, which included working with sensible and private patient data. We provided DevOps, QA, and development services.

  • Support for LIMS: Xmartlabs engineers brought their expertise to the architectural aspects of their LIMS. This involved coding solutions and strategic thinking about the structure and automation of tasks within the system. The extensibility of the LIMS was harnessed to accommodate specific business needs, such as adding functionalities and optimizing sample flows.
  • DevOps Services: Recognizing the importance of a robust and efficient system, Xmartlabs provided DevOps services to streamline and enhance the client's operations. Our mission was to enhance and correct existing practices that were either not implemented, had become obsolete, or were improperly executed.
  • Portal Enhancement: The medical professionals' portal underwent a transformative overhaul, migrating from Server-side rendering using Rails to a more scalable architecture with React for the front end and Rails for the backend, complemented by a REST API. We also introduced a new feature enabling test requests through the portal, simplifying the process for healthcare professionals.

The Results

We Ensured Cloud Security

Through our DevOps service, we conducted assessments and took action to protect ongoing operations, applications, and databases. Our focus was on encrypting data in transit as part of best practices, standardizing permissions to regulate who can access, edit, or read information. This comprehensive approach ensured the safeguarding of critical data across all levels of cloud infrastructure.

We Saved Resources

Following our DevOps engineers’ advice, we applied saving plans, which can save up to 75% over on-demand pricing. By adopting AWS Reserved Instances, the client significantly reduced its cloud infrastructure costs, locking in lower rates for always-on services through a commitment to specific usage levels. This strategic move not only resulted in substantial savings but also enhanced budget predictability and operational efficiency.

We Used The Right Tools

Terraform, an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution, enabled us to write code once and deploy it across various environments. This ensured continuity, facilitated environment management, and provided a version control system to track changes.

For container orchestration, we used Kubernetes, running on Amazon EKS, to manage and scale containerized applications efficiently. We connected to the client's legacy data center, which hosted the LIMS and data processing services, integrating and modernizing existing legacy systems alongside new cloud architectures.

In this pivotal project, the stakes were high—ensuring the faultless operation of these systems was not just about precise diagnosis; it directly impacted human lives and health. Our team, specializing in health industry solutions, demonstrated its commitment to industry standards, including HIPAA compliance.

Throughout the collaboration, Xmartlabs assumed ownership of the portal, becoming the foremost expert on its intricacies. Beyond the migration and upgrade, we provided insights on functionality and architecture, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the portal's optimal performance.

In a strategic move, the client transitioned to in-house management of the portal, leading to a reduction in our team's involvement. This decision is a testament to the collaboration's success, showcasing our technical prowess and the seamless handoff of a well-optimized system.